Nathan And The Gregs Demo
Name Your Plastic Fortress
Tracks 20
Total length
Recorded Hastings and St Leonards, 2010
Artwork Natalia Hunt
Format(s) CDr
Catalogue number NATG024CD01, 9205-35LD-22071 [On Disc]
Release date September 2010
Demo Chronology
Music Recordings 3
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CDr cover - Designed by Natalia Hunt


A demo that was supposed to feature all versions of songs intended to be on the proposed Your Plastic Fortress EP. However, the CDr did not burn properly and not all the tracks were burnt onto the disc. For example, only 3 version of Changeling were included, when many more were meant to be on the CD.


  1. Changeling (3rd Version Edit)
  2. Changeling (3rd Version)
  3. Changeling (4th Version
  4. Daft Funk (1st Version)
  5. Daft Funk (2nd Version)
  6. Daft Funk (3rd Version)
  7. Dance Sexy Sale
  8. Dungeon of Peril (2nd Version)
  9. Funky Jimi Goo Goo (1st Version)
  10. Funky Jimi Goo Goo (2nd Version)
  11. Funky Jimi Goo Goo (Demo)
  12. Funky Jimi Goo Goo (For Guitar)
  13. Funky Jimi Goo Goo (Backing Track)
  14. Hava Nagila (2nd Version)
  15. Ohne Titel (2nd Version)
  16. Pistolero of the Apocalypse (2nd Version Demo)
  17. Super Mario Makes Drum And Bass
  18. Your Plastic Fortress (4th Version)
  19. Your Plastic Fortress (Remix)
  20. Zombie Screams


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