Nathan And The Gregs Song
Name Two Guitars One Key

Nathy Boy's Bare Massive (3), Music Recordings 2 (10), Nathan And The Gregs (15, 16)

Length 10:43
Alternative titles Mega Jam
First live performance -
Latest live performance -
Recorded Southminster, October 2009
Writer/composer Nicholson/Hunt
Producer Nathan And The Gregs
Chart position -


By far the longest song by Nathan And The Gregs.


It was recorded onto Nathan's tape recorded and later ripped onto the computer


Nathan Hunt - Electric Guitar (Clean)

Greg Nicholson - Electric Guitar (Distorted)


(All spoken)

I kinda like that. - 0:01

Quieter? As they've gone to sleep and all that. - 0:15

You heard that? - 0:26

-Giggles- - 0:43

I'm always like... Just on this string. - 4:55

-Giggles- - 5:44

Shall we start off? Okay... And then there's, there's another things, coz you know sometimes you go... - 5:48

You always do it in like 4... you know. So we get like, we give each other a warning. - 6:04

-Clears throat- On your own, Sir. - 6:19

-Both Giggle- That was intense, man. We gotta remember that! - 10:31

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