Nathan Hunt/Nathan And The Gregs song
Name Pistolero Of The Apocalypse
  • 0:40 [8-Bit Version]
  • 0:44 [1st Version]
  • 0:44 [1st Demo]
  • 1:13 [7th Version Vocal Track]
  • 1:13 [7th Version Scary Vocal Track]
  • 1:18 [3rd Demo]
  • 1:54 [2nd Version]
  • 2:05 [9th Version]
  • 2:16 [2nd Demo]
  • 2:31 [6th Version Edit]
  • 3:02 [3rd Version]
  • 3:24 [10th Version Drum Track]
  • 3:34 [4th Version]
  • 3:34 [5th Version]
  • 3:56 [Rehearsals 3/4/11 Edit]
  • 4:00 [10th Version Backing Track]
  • 4:08 [10th Version]
  • 4:10 [11th Version]
  • 4:32 [8th Version]
  • 4:49 [7th Version]
  • 5:10 [6th Version]
Alternative titles
  • Prelude in G Minor [1st Version]
  • GD Song [2nd Version]
  • Intergrated Assignment [3rd-5th Versions]
  • Pistolero
  • Gunmen of the Apocalypse
  • Inception of the Apocalypse
  • Inception of Parallelism
  • Birth of the Inception
  • Pistolero of the Hereafter
  • The Impending Pistolero
  • The Imminent Pistolero
First live performance 27th May 2011 (Bexhill College)
Latest live performance 27th May 2011 (Bexhill College)
Recorded St Leonards-on-sea, February-April 2010
Writer/Composer Nicholson/Hunt/Hunt


Pistolero Of The Apocalypse was the song that inspired Nathan to start a band with Greg. Pistolero started off as a cover of Sergei Rachmaninoff's Prelude in G Minor, recorded in January 2010.

The song was created for Nathan's music coursework. He had to write a song that fulfilled the a brief stating that it needed:

  • To start with an instrumental riff that occures throughout the piece.
  • Features good use of tonailty and rhythm.
  • Uses ICT and/or appropriate vocals.

After trying to make a song out of Last Flight To Alaska, he gave up and instead worked on 'GD Song', which quickly became Pistolero.

Many different titles for the song were suggested, but is was finally chosen as Pistolero of the Apocalypse. The name is taken from a Red Dwarf episode titled 'Gunmen of the Apocalypse'. Pistolero is spanish for gunmen.

Nathan ordered a vinyl test-press of the song on a see-through 7" vinyl. It was backed with an 'Alternative Version', specially created for this press.

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'Pistolero of the Apocalypse' was recorded using Magix Music Maker 12. All parts were recorded seperately, then layered on top of each other. Nathan plays all parts.


Nathan Hunt - Keyboards, Electric Guitar, Electro-Acoustic Guitar and Vocals

Natalia Hunt - Vocals


Like cowboys of the future they raid us day and night
To cause mayhem with their laser guns is their greatest delight

Dust Spirals between empty buildings
The world has lost it's vitality
The Pistolero of the Apocalypse are
Riding, scourge of all humanity!

"Have you seen my mother?" No, I
Gunned her down, they have no sence of right or wrong
Like a plague upon this sweet old town.

Like cowboys of the future they raid us day and night
To cause mayhem with their laser guns is their greatest delight
The war of the world raged on until all was lost
The curse of The Pistolero is the suffered cost

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