Nathan Hunt Song
Name Out Of The Sea
  • 0:36 [3rd Version]
  • 1:22 [2nd Version]
  • 2:22 [1st Version]
Recorded St Leonards-on-sea, January 2010
Writer/Composer Nathan Hunt/Natalia Hunt


In a jam in October 2009, Nathan And Greg came up with a riff, that later branches out to become this song, and also became Araballah later on.


Recorded onto Magix Music Maker 12.


Nathan Hunt - Keyboards


We rose out of the sea,
To make all of the world see,
We will be victorious,
We will be glorious.

They will all pay us a fee,
The mode of rule; tyranny,
It will be laborious,
We will be euphorious.

By our King Nathan's decree,
There will be no sympathy.
The laws are numerous,
Still, the King is luminous.

The rightful populace be;
Urchin and Frenchman free.
Our enemies are brainless,
All of our foes are countless.

We will gather our army.
The battles will be bloody.
But, the Kingdom is wondrous;
Our deaths will be traceless!

Power to the monarchy!
We will push our boundary.
Destroy the treasonous -
They are all worthless.

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