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Logo from June 2014

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Logo from January 2012

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Nathan And The Gregs are a rock band-come-electronic music duo consisting of brothers-in-law, Nathan Hunt and Greg Nicholson. NATG was formed on 11th April 2010 in Hastings, East Sussex. This website features all the information timelining the boys' complete musical history since in 2005.

Band members[]

Photograph Name Timeline Roll
Nathan - Oct 2013.jpg
Nathan Hunt May 2010-present Current band member: Guitar, keyboards, vocals, music production
Greg - Sep 2012.jpg
Greg Nicholson May 2010-present Current band member: Bass, guitar, music production
Joe Smidmore October 2010, April-July 2011 Former band member: Drums
Jojo Baker March-June 2011 Former live member: Keyboards


Photograph Name Timeline Roll
Laura Kitney January-February, June 2012-2013 General manager
Nathan Paterson May 2011-2012 Band photographer
Nicole Hunt

2011/2011, April 2012

Lyricist/General manager

Natalia Hunt 2010-2012 Lyricist/Co-composer

Associated musicians[]

Photograph Name Timeline Roll
Alex Pepper 2009, 2010 Bass guitar
Ash Clarke 2011 Trumpet, vocals
Ashley Henson 2009 Vocals
Dan Getty 2009 Saxophone
Emily Wake 2009 Violin
James Hewitt 2008-2012 Guitar, vocals
Jaz Allan 2012 Vocals
Kieran Harper 2011 Drums
Niall Smith 2011 Guitar

Latest activity[]