Turn It Down demo
Name Music Recordings
Tracks 14 [A, Disc 1], 5 [B, Disc 2] - 19 in total
Total length 46:38 [Disc 1],

St Leonards, September 2009; Southminster, 17th October 2009; Canvey Island, October 2009; Bexhill, October 2009

Writer/composer Various, incl. Nicholson/Hunt
Artwork Nathan Hunt
Format(s) Cassette, 2CDr
Catalogue number
  • NATG012CS01
  • NATG012CD01, 151-58LC-35610 [On Disc 1], 151-58RB-35611 [On Disc 2]
Release date October 2009
Demo Chronology
Butterlies And Hurricanes < Music Recordings > Out Of The Sea
Music Recordings CD


24-10-09 1707

Nathan around the time of recording Side B.

A home recorded tape previously containing songs by The Beatles, which was recorded over. When this one was filled a new tape was used. The tapes has since been replaced with Nathan's MP4 player with recording ability.

For quite a few years Nathan had used his Tape Recorder for recordings songs, and he used it when Nathan and Nicole, his sister, decided to form thier own band and record their first song. Later the tape was used by Nathan to record him practising on guitar. Next, in September 2009 he recorded one of a few jamming sessions with Greg. In October 2009, he brought it into school with him and the last track on Side B contains the audio of the demo recordings of Missa Defunctorum, and the outtakes (like a Fly On The Wall album).

The tape is a big mix of things, and so didn't have an original artist (since Nathan very often recorded onto tapes, but didn't consider giving them titles or album artists. In February 2010 when some of the audio was extracted from the tape and burnt onto CDs, the album came under 'Nathan And The Gregs' because the songs taken off were the ones by Nathan and Greg.

The boys' brief name Turn It Down may have applied to this demo.


Side A, Disc 1Edit

  1. The Hardest Button To Button
  2. New Born
  3. Hyper Music
  4. Supermassive Black Hole
  5. Citizen Erased
  6. Township Rebellion (Incorrectly named Muse outro)
  7. The Screaming Gregs
  8. Micro Cuts
  9. 2
  10. Yes Please
  11. Screaming
  12. 3
  13. Folk Song
  14. Two Guitars One Key

Side B, Disc 2Edit

  1. Queen Melody - Nene's (Incorrectly spelt 'Medley'. Recording of 'Sing Star Queen'.)
  2. Baboon Song
  3. Puff Song
  4. 8-bit Boss
  5. Funeral Piece (Demo) ect.


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