Nathan And The Gregs Demo
Name Mr R And H Demo
Total length -
Recorded 2010
Writer/composer Nicholson/Hunt
Producer Nathan And The Gregs
Format(s) CDr
Release date November 2010
Demo Chronology
Halloween Demo < Mr R And H Demo > Synthy Music
Mr R And H Demo jpg


Mr R and H is Mr Roadknight and Mr Hardacre, respectively. There are 2 of these demos in existence.


  1. Lonely Guitars (4th Version)
  2. Spanish-Esque Boogie (2nd Version)
  3. Araballah (4th Version)
  4. Daft Funk (3rd Version)
  5. Hava Nagila (2nd Version)
  6. Salsa Piano Crusher)
  7. Chorus of the Dead (2nd Version)
  8. Nuance (3rd Version)
  9. Coast To Coast (1st Version)
  10. Feldspar (2nd Version)
  11. Changeling (3rd Version)
  12. Funky Jimi Goo Goo (2nd Version)
  13. Lithopshere (3rd Version)
  14. Terminal Velocty (2nd Version)
  15. Deoxyribonuclegia (1st Version)
  16. Hey
  17. Turncoat (2nd Version)
  18. Your Plastic Fortress (4th Version)
  19. Slap My Bass Up
  20. Take A Polysynth


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