Nathan And The Gregs Song
Name Missa Defunctorum
  • Unknown Length [Funeral Piece Take 5]
  • 0:39 [Vocal Track]
  • 0:50 [Funeral Piece Take 4]
  • 0:55 [Funeral Piece Take 2]
  • 1:10 [Music Hut Sessions - 7/10/10]
  • 2:14 [5th Version]
  • 2:16 [Funeral Piece Take 3]
  • 2:19 [Funeral Piece Take 1]
  • 2:20 [8-Bit Version] - UNRELEASED
  • 2:40 [3rd Version]
  • 3:01 [3rd Version]
  • 10:56 [Demo]
Alternative titles
  • Funeral Piece [1st-3rd Versions]
  • France
First live performance -
Latest live performance -
  • Bexhill, October 2009 [Demo]
  • Bexhill, October 2009 (after demo) [Takes 1-5]
  • St Leonards, March 2010 [3rd Version]
  • St Leonards and Bexhill, April 2010 [4th Version]
  • Bexhill, 7th October 2010 [Music Hut Sessions - 7/10/10]
  • St Leonards, 26th October 2010 [5th Version]
Writer/composer Nicholson/Hunt
Producer Nathan And The Gregs
Chart position -


The first 3 arpeggiated piano chords are the same as in Hoodoo by Muse. It is a funeral piece based around Ground Bass. Just like Pistolero of the Apocalypse it was written for Nathan's music coursework.

Nathan Hunt - October 2009:

"Thus far, I think my composition is coming on well. When I initially wrote my funeral piece, it was very short and wasn’t very lively. It was suggested by Mr Roadknight, that I write my composition as a Grand Bass piece, so I decided to do just that. Bass and violin was played, whilst I performed the piano. But I still thought the piece was rather empty. So, I decided to get more instruments involved. I started to build up layers of Clarinet and Saxophone, and also vocals playing the bass line but in Tenor. Soon I realised that if I wanted to make my piece and any reasonable length, I would have to extend it greatly. But if I just repeated it, it would rapidly become boring. So I started to write an interlude to go in the middle. It is mainly on piano, but may include a clarinet or saxophone solo. I have not fully decided how the ending should be, but I want it to be a build up of noise, of all instruments playing at once, reminiscent of ‘Space Dementia’ by Muse. The end would be completely different to the rest of the piece, but I want to change the mood of it at the end. I have no certain yet, but I might have an electric guitar at the end to contrast the piano. Over all, the entire piece is driven by powerful bass lines. The bass line would change once or twice, but it will remain the instrument that holds everything together. I have now to write my piece on Sibelius, and give copies to the other instrument players, and then record the final completed composition."


It was written and originally recorded in Bexhill, October 2009. Takes of the first version were recorded. Fellow musicians played alongside Nathan on the piano.

In March 2010, a completed version of Funeral Piece was recorded in Hastings.

In April 2010, a new ended replaced the previous one. The original ended was recorded on a keyboard, and Nathan didn't think this sounded good enough, so he recorded it on a piano in Bexhill.


Nathan Hunt - Keyboards, Vocals, Midi Sequencing

Joe Smidmore - Drums

Alex Pepper - Bass

Dan Getty - Saxophone

Tommy Graebe - Clarinet

Emil Wake - Violin

Ashley Henson - Vocals










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