The Design Demo
Name Knights Of Cydonia
Tracks 1
Total length 5:48
Recorded St Leonards, September-October 2008
Writer/composer Matthew Bellamy
Artwork Nathan Hunt
Format(s) CDr
Catalogue number NATG8CD1, N-127-BLD-191-D-814150-C-2 [On Disc]
Release date October 2008
Demo Chronology
Prison (Part One) < Knights Of Cydonia > Make My Day


A one track demo of Muse's song. It was recorded with intention on being featured on Make My Day and/or Sententae Antique. Both demos were released under The Design, so this demo was also by The Design, but later changed to Nathan And The Gregs when the artwork was designed. The said artwork is a still from a video of Nathan practising playing Pistolero of the Apocalypse.


  1. Knights of Cydonia [2nd Version] - 5:48


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