Nathan And The Gregs song
Name Araballah
  1. Music Recordings
    • Track 12 - 1st Version Original
  2. Nathy Boy's Bare Massive
    • Track 1 - 1st Version Edit
  3. Nathan And The Gregs
    • Track 3 - 2nd Version
  4. Summer
    • Track 14 - 2nd version
  5. October Demo
    • Track 1 - 4th Version
  6. Halloween Demo
    • Track 3 - Midi Version
  7. Mr R And H Demo
    • Track 3 - 4th Version
  8. St Patrick's Demo
    • Track 2 - 5th Version
  9. Wild West Album
    • Track 7 - 5th Version
  10. Acoustics
    • 3 Tracks
      • Track 1 - Acoustic
    • 6 Tracks
      • Track 1 - Acoustic
  11. July 2010-May 2011
    • Track 22 - 5th Version
  12. July 2010-July 2011
    • Track 16 - 5th Version
  13. With The Gregs
    • Track 2 - Demo
  • 1:02 [Demo]
  • 1:36 [3rd Version]
  • 1:38 [Midi Version]
  • 2:24 [2nd Version]
  • 2:29 [Acoustic]
  • 2:56 [5th Version]
  • 2:57 [4th Version]
  • 3:09 [1st Version Edit]
  • 3:12 [1st Version Original]
Alternative titles
  • 3 [1st Version]
  • Araballa
First live performance

27th May 2011 (Bexhill College)

Latest live performance 27th May 2011 (Bexhill College)
  • Southminster, October 2009 [1st Versions]
  • Hastings, June-July 2010 [2nd Version]
  • Hastings, September 2010 [3rd Version]
  • Hastings, September 2010 [4th Version]
  • Southminster, October 2010 [Midi Version]
  • Hastings, 19th February 2011 [5th Version]
  • [Demo]
Writer/composer Greg Nicholson
Producer Nathan And The Gregs
Chart position -


The song originated as the main riff played on guitar. Greg played it to Nathan, after which Hunt added a piano introduction. They jammed it out in October 2009, and this became the first version (dubbed "3", because a name couldn't be thought of at the time). Some point after, Greg renamed it "Araballah", as a play on the name 'Arabella' and 'Allah', as the riff sounds Middle-Eastern. In January 2010 the riff was reworked by Nathan and became a new song, Out Of The Sea.

In Summer 2010, Greg remade the song recording guitar, cello, bass, keyboards, mandolin and sound loops in Magix Music Maker. It sounded very rough, but Nathan knew it had great potential. It also gave a rough layout to the song.

The 3rd version was another attempt at remaking the song. It had a more refined sound, and utilised acoustic guitars, new instruments, better effects on the instruments, MIDI sequencing, and sound effects of rain and birds all recorded by Greg.

The 4th version added drums via MIDI sequencing (one of the rare instances where Greg created a drum track by himself), and extended the song making it full length. This gave the subsequant song layout for future versions.

The 5th version is very similar to the 4th, with slight instrument variations and rearranging. This is the version that was used for a long time, being featured on many demos.

The 6th version was a total reworking by Nathan to be played on stringed instruments only. It was created in Sibelius 6.

The 7th version follows suite of the 6th, and extends it.

The 8th version was the final version for stringed instruments, and was included on many demos.

The 9th version, by Nathan, was an attempt to create on a computer what the band were playing in person. For this reason, it features a playable drum track, and MIDI bass/guitar.

The 10th version was a complete recreation by Nathan, attempting a "dubstep" style. It used the same basic structure as the previous versions but features additional sound effects and sound loops. This version was heavily used on many demos.

The 11th version was created out of fun by Nathan using new MIDI instruments and VST plug-ins.

The 12th version was created in August 2014, and features the same layout as the 10th version. The instruments were changed, and new VST plug-ins utilised. 


Originally recorded onto Nathan's Tape Recorder, and later ripped onto the computer. Later recorded using Magix Music Maker.


1st VersionEdit

  • Nathan Hunt - Piano
  • Greg Nicholson - Guitar

2nd VersionEdit

  • Greg Nicholson - Guitar, Keyboards, Mandolin, Bass

3rd VersionEdit

  • Greg Nicholson - Guitar, Sound Effects, Bass, Midi Sequencing

4th/5th VersionsEdit

  • Greg Nicholson - Guitar, Bass, Midi Sequencing

Midi VersionEdit

  • Nathan Hunt - Midi Sequencing


  • Nathan Hunt - Guitar

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